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by basxcore
Wednesday 01 November 2017 16:48
Forum: Utility
Topic: Connecting Plugwise-2-py via MQTT to Domoticz
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Re: Connecting Plugwise-2-py via MQTT to Domoticz

I've got everything running. NodeRed, MQTT, Plugwise-2-py. I get all of my plugs in Domoticz, their ID is the UID of the Circle. But the 'Name' field is 'unknown'. I do not know if this should be filled in to whats set in 'pw-conf.json'.

Any thoughts?
by basxcore
Tuesday 31 October 2017 12:25
Forum: Dashticz
Topic: Dashticz - Module - Spotify (new version!)
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Re: Dashticz - Module - Spotify

Hi Rob, I'm very happy with the Spotify plugin. I was curious if you can integrated Spotify Connect within the plugin. It would be awesome if I can choose the device to listen spotify on. Working on it ;) I really (want) like this featur...