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by Involver
Saturday 21 April 2018 14:51
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Topic: How to use Data from a Dust Sensor
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Re: How to use Data from a Dust Sensor

Hi All, I have converted a script I found elsewhere (I'm by no means a Python expert!) and that works for me. I have 1 sensor for now and in Domoticz I have added two custom sensors (one for 2,5um and one for 10um readings). In the script you need to change the variables to match your setup, see the...
by Involver
Wednesday 28 February 2018 20:12
Forum: Bugs and Problems
Topic: Group triggering additional events
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Group triggering additional events

Hi all, I'm running beta 3.8930 on my Pi-3 using RFXCom for my KaKu's, a hue bridge and IFTT for other light (Wiz). Since a few weeks I have this realy weird (and very annoying) 'feature': I have several groups that are running on a timer for both on and off. They contain only a few lights. Whenever...
by Involver
Thursday 28 December 2017 18:01
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Topic: TIP! android tablet on the wall
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Re: TIP! android tablet on the wall

I'm using the Nvidia Shield which has a great front camera that you can use as (spy) cam. I use IP Webcam Pro app for that which is great... The Shield has a very easily removable backplate; I've used smokedetector mounts (