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by 2824501
Thursday 21 June 2018 13:58
Forum: Heating/cooling
Topic: Z-Wave CT101 Thermostat Fan Control via script
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Z-Wave CT101 Thermostat Fan Control via script

I have checked the forum - but do not see this issue? Have a CT-101 Z-Wave thermostat installed that works quite well except for the fan. Heating and cooling setpoints work great in scripts and there is not issue with this control aspect. In the Devices window there is a line entry for the fan and I...
by 2824501
Friday 08 July 2016 22:05
Forum: Other questions and discussions
Topic: Aeon Gen 5
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Aeon Gen 5

I just installed on Raspberry Pi about a week ago. I am using Aeon Gen5 USB dongle. First device was GE (Iris) outdoor outlet. It works fine and is controlling outdoor lights great for a week. Yesterday and today I have tried the Aeon Gen5 Dry Contact sensor. It does seem to sort of install?? In Set...