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by ThaBoo
Saturday 04 June 2016 20:12
Forum: Scripts [cleaning in progress]
Topic: Updated Plugwise Stretch script
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Updated Plugwise Stretch script

Hi, I have completely rewritten my previous plugwise stretch reading script to a version that does not need virtual devices nor translation tables or ram disk space. The script has been running stable for 3 months now in my setup. The only thing needed in advance is a plugwise hardware declaration i...
by ThaBoo
Friday 13 February 2015 13:29
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: [132] Plugwise Support
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Re: [132] Plugwise Support

If you get a Plugwise Stretch integration is quite straightforward. I've thrown together some scripts for that, see ... ise#p34352
by ThaBoo
Monday 01 December 2014 13:57
Forum: Heating/cooling
Topic: ELV Max! Heating control system
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Re: ELV Max! Heating control system

Hi Skippiemanz,

I followed your installation guide with 100% success (7 radiator thermostats and 1 wall thermostat being logged now the winter starts) so you can consider it as verified.

Thanx a lot!
by ThaBoo
Saturday 15 February 2014 20:28
Forum: Compatibility
Topic: HowTo: monitor Synology NAS
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Re: HowTo: monitor Synology NAS

@rvmourik Thanx for the script!

Got it all set up within 30 minutes.
Configuration: DS1010+ DSM 4.3-3810, Raspberry PI Domoticz V1.1492 ( and a Plugwise Circle for the power consumption)
Synology Domotics.gif
Synology Domotics.gif (99.86 KiB) Viewed 1690 times