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Resol VBus support

Method one: VBusDecoder sketch via Arduino and sending data via HTTP GET requests to Domoticz

There are many solar, system and heating controllers sold by the German brand Resol®.

Popular models are derivatives of the DeltaSol® and DeltaTherm® range. Some controllers are also built for and sold by other brands.

They all have a kind of a serial port with a protocol called VBus®.

The controller usually sends out multiple types of datagrams, of which one in particular is very useful.

It contains a list with all the current values of all sensors, pumps and switches. It might also count the total heat production.

Now there is a way to acquire and convert all the data the controller outputs via this port and send the values to Domoticz.

You need some additional hardware to get this to work.

-Arduino microcontroller
-Wiznet 5100 Ethernet shield
-VBus to UART converter

The first two are of the shelf boards. The VBus to UART converter is a circuit you need to build by yourself. One of the possible working schematics is the following: click

After building the hardware you possibly need to add your own controller to the list.

All the code and further instructions can be found on GitHub.

Forum topic: click

Method 2: VBus to Pi and decoding via Python script

If the VBus to UART converter is coupled to a RS232-USB converter, the data can be read by the Pi. With a Python/LUA script and the necessary conversions the data can be sent to Domoticz directly. This has not been done yet.

Method 3: VBus to Resol DL2 Datalogger and readout via LUA

See this topic You can add a Resol DL2 Datalogger and read out the logger via local IP with a LUA script.