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This Plugin goal is to drive Playbulb / Mipow Bluetooth Bulbs via Domoticz, using BTLE connection (using usb BTLE dongle or RPI3 BTLE Feature) :

This Plugin Support :

- Garden (fw : BTL400M_1.9) - Candle (fw : BTL300_v5 et 6) - Rainbow (fw: BTL300_V5) - Color (fw : BTL100c_v6) - Comet - Smart - Sphere - Spot (fw:BTL203M_V1.6) - Solar

You can find your FW version using Plybulb X Android or iOS APP, after connecting to the bulb and going to config page


You need to get bulb Bt Mac adresse, For this on a ssh connection run :

sudo hcitool lescan

Then a list of btle device in range of your Dongle will appear, just pic the one you need, playbulb device give there name easily, here for a garden :

71:9A:4B:15:AC:E6 PLAYBULB garden
71:9A:4B:15:AC:E6 (unknown)
71:9A:4B:15:AC:E6 PLAYBULB garden
71:9A:4B:15:AC:E6 (unknown)
71:9A:4B:15:AC:E6 PLAYBULB garden
71:9A:4B:15:AC:E6 (unknown)
A4:C1:38:65:0D:01 uaz6wGda
A4:C1:38:65:0D:01 (unknown)

Don't forget to disconnect your phone from the bulb once all information is getting, bulb doesn't allow 2 connections on the same time.

Then you have to install python environnement for Domoticz :

sudo apt-get install python3-pip libglib2.0-dev

pip3 install bluepy

then as bluepy isn't on working dir for Domoticz, copy it

sudo cp -r /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/bluepy/ /usr/lib/python3.4/


sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/bluepy /usr/lib/python3.4/bluepy

Create a Mipow dir :

mkdir /home/user/domoticz/plugin/mipow where user is the user name used for domoticz  

that mean for a rpi user with raspbian : /home/pi/domoticz/plugins/Mipow

and paste for this zip file :

Finally restart domoticz :

sudo service restart

Goes to Hardware, create a new and search for Mipow/playbulb


- Input your Device MAC Adresse, - Choose your Bulb - Your HCI device (which dongle have to be use to connect domoticz to your bulb)

You have 2 more option :

Activate Status: who keep connection between Domoticz and the bulb: - set on False, you can controle bul with booth Domoticz and Mobile APP, - set on True give exclusivity to Domoticz.

Debug : show debug info on Domoticz Log.

Device will be created on not used device tab, just add it by cliking the the green arrow.

Then Enjoy ! Playbulbwidget.png

My bulb FW isn't on the list, can't controle it ? yes you can ! (need more works on it)

Let's speak about it on this topic :