Osram Lightify Gateway

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Osram Lightify Gateway

Osram Lightify Gateway is an afforable home automation gateway/hub that has support for a variety of smart wireless light switches/remotes, sensors. The gateway/hub and other devices in Osram’s own “Lightify” series is offered worldwide at relatively competitive prices for being sold in the western market with all electrical safety regulations met.

Protocols used in Osram Lightify devices announced so far is ZLL (ZigBee Light Link), and the gateway need to be connected via wired Ethernet with Internet connection. Osram Lightify Gateway comes with support for its own official Android and iOS apps from Osram, but more interesting for Domoticz developers and users is that is an open API for the Osram Lightify Gateway.

Note! Currently there is no support for Osram Lightify Gateway in Domoticz!

It is not yet know if multiple gateways will be supported on the same local network or not, however the remotes and lightbulbs makes its own ZigBee mesh-network with each device acting as a wireless repeater so just joining more devices will automatically extend the range of the ZigBee mesh-network.

Compatible Devices

Compatible “Lightify” devices from Osram: