Installing and running Domoticz on CubieBoard2

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This guide is for installing domoticz on a cubieboard2 or cubietruck

Firmware Requirements

You need a microSD card from at least 4GB.

Please install the latest software from:

Select the Jessie kernel 3.x.x image

after you boot for the first time (username root, password 1234), flash this image on the nand or ssd,
scripts can be found in the /root folder

This script (for nand at least) you have to execute 2 times

After you booted from the nand or ssd, update the system with:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Linaro user

Add a user called 'linaro'

adduser linaro

next add this user to the sudo group

adduser linaro sudo

next we make sure we do not need to enter a password when issuing a sudo command


at the bottom of this file place the following line:


Domoticz Setup

Login to your cubieboard with the "linaro" user (for windows you can use the program putty)

Setup you timezone with:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Installing from Binary

mkdir domoticz

cd domoticz


tar xvfz domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz

rm domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz

Test Domoticz

First we are going to test if domoticz is correctly installed:

While still in the domoticz folder (if not issue: cd ~/domoticz)

domoticz should now start, to quit domoticz press control-c

Make Domoticz startup at boot time (Also needed for Web Update)

sudo cp /etc/init.d

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/

sudo update-rc.d defaults

Edit the startup script and point the DAEMON location to point to the installation folder:

sudo nano /etc/init.d/ [ or use the vi editor ]

Change: DAEMON=/home/pi/domoticz/domoticz

In to: DAEMON=/home/linaro/domoticz/domoticz

If you want to use another web interface port change:

OPTIONS="-www 8080" For example: 8070

Start Domoticz
sudo service start

Now connect with a browser ip:port to see if it is up and running.

Updating Domoticz

Use the Web Interface to update Domoticz (Setup->Check for Updates)
Choose Beta or Stable in the application settings

Compiling from scratch with CubieTruck (dualcore 1 GHz) takes 38:30 min.