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IFTTT has a channel called Maker which can be used to send and receive HTTP requests to/from Domoticz. The Maker Channel allows you to connect IFTTT to your personal DIY projects. With Maker, you can connect a Recipe to any device or service that can make or receive a web request (aka webhooks).

Send a trigger to IFTTT

Note: This is currently (nov 2017) only available in Domoticz beta versions. The next stable version after 3.8153 will (most likely) bring this to stable versions.

First you need to add a Applet containing the Webhook in IFTTT.

For example create an event with the name 'Doorbell" and let it send an email.

When you are logged in at IFTTT, visit https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks

Next press the Documentation button and copy the API/Key and paste this in Domoticz under Settings->Notifications->IFTTT (Also enable IFTTT here...)

Now you can use Blockly to trigger an event. For example when the 'Doorbell' = ON send an IFTTT trigger You will find the 'IFTTT trigger' under "Messages" in Blockly

Receive a web request from IFTTT

This Action will make a web request from IFTTT to a publicly accessible URL (your Domoticz server).

Action fields: URL, Method, Content Type, Body

This could be used in conjunction with Domoticz, when using user/password, for example as:

 THIS part : If SMS is received (for example)
 THAT part : Add "Maker" and configure it that way :
 - URL :  http://<user>:<password>@<domoticz public IP or URL>:8080/json.htm?type=command&param=udevice&idx=<id>&nvalue=0&svalue={{ContactName}}
 - Method : GET
 - Content-Type : text/plain
 - Body : Nothing