Eco Devices Via LAN Interface

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Eco-Devices is a utility consumption monitoring device dedicated to the French market. It provides 4 inputs, two using the Teleinfo protocol found on all recent French electricity meters and two multi-purpose pulse counters to be used for water, gaz or fuel consumption monitoring

Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer site: Ecodevices


EcoDevices can be natively connected to Domoticz since version v3.6812. Minimum EcoDevices firmware version is 1.05.12.

  • Add the EcoDevices in the hardware tab
  • Configure the IP address and port
  • Save

Domoticz will start querying the device every 30 seconds.

Devices will be created only for counters effectively in use.

For pulse counters, devices will be created as electricity meters. The exact energy type can be configured by pressing on the "edit" button after the meter is added to the Utility tab.

It may be necessary to modify the gas and water dividers in the settings menu in order to match units between the EcoDevice and Domoticz