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There are several Android clients for Domoticz.


ImperiHome (for Android and iOS) supports all Domoticz devices, and more (Nest, ...).

Domoticz is interfaced through a gateway, ImperiHome, that is community supported in the forum. The gateway works on all PI and Synology Docker.



The app is supported in two languages:

Domoticz for Android

Domoticz for Android is the new Android app for Domoticz. You can manage switches, utilities, cameras and more right from your Android device.

The app is being actively developed! New features and bug fixes are added regularly! It is open-source, available from GitHub.


Domoticz Lite (free)


  • Control all devices from Domoticz
  • Check logs and graphs with historical data
  • Multi-language
  • And much more...

Domoticz Premium

The premium app has the following extras compared to the lite version:

  • Geo-fencing
  • Android Wear support
  • Widgets on your home screen



You can help translating the app to your language.


Dromotica makes it possible to control your home right from your Android smartphone and tablet. It supports local and remote connections so you can also use it when you're on the road.

Notice: The latest update is quite old.

Support is currently build in for:

  • Scenes
  • Switches
  • Temperature sensors
  • Utility sensors




DomoFence is a basic android app to create a geofence and toggle a switch on your Domoticz server when entering or leaving the geofence. You can use the app to add or remove a geofence and to test your connection to your server. Once a geofence is active is will also survive a reboot of your phone.