Cookie policy ?

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Re: Cookie policy ?

Post by raptorjr » Sunday 10 June 2018 18:27

I disabled both ABP and uBlock, still don't get a way to accept the policy. But pretty easy to just right click and select to open link in a new tab, but annoying that no one of the admins bother to answer or fix this.
But as you also notice, not that much help you can get from this forum. A problem like this should have been answered and solved by the forum admins a long time ago, and still not a reply in a month.

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Re: Cookie policy ?

Post by MikeF » Saturday 16 June 2018 15:17

Still a problem: if I try to click on any link - including Board index or Login - on this page: I get this:

Code: Select all

You cannot access links on this board until you have accepted the Cookie Policy.

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Re: Cookie policy ?

Post by telenut » Thursday 12 July 2018 8:44

found out het problem: disable the extention "I don't care about cookies" if you have that, disable all adblockers. AND: go to (the index page).

Problem is: no one with the problem will be able to get to this solution, because it is on page 2 of this forum. And they are not able to get here :-)

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Re: Cookie policy ?

Post by Egregius » Wednesday 18 July 2018 8:23

You just need to remove everything that's behind forum/ in the address bar of your browser.

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